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    rkennedy makes yet another (false) generalization about an entire OS, another example of his bizarre crusade to discredit Android.
    Specifically he proclaimed that the BT implementation is buggy and therefore the microphone does not work with Skype.
    The funny thing is, he was so damn sure.
    So I made a simple video to prove him wrong, using a scenario he described.

    This whole ridiculous debate started in the Playbook forum. Since this thing is off topic, I made a thread here where it was more appropriate.

    Why call it a miracle video? It's sarcasm. I'll post the story in the next post. It's long, but for those who want to see trolls get their comeuppance, it is an entertaining read.
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    I'm not a big user of Skype myself, since I find Google Hangouts to be superior, however Skype has a rating of 4.0/5.0 stars on the Google Play Store. There are many people unhappy with it, rkennedy being one of them, but there are a many more who are satisfied. Since it's a FREE app, users can always try it out to see if it fits their needs.

    >> As is the lack of proper headset support, which is a deficiency of the OS and its incomplete implementation of the Hands Free profile (i.e. it supports audio output but not input/microphone functions).

    False. This is a ridiculous claim.
    OK, prove me wrong. Hook-up a Bluetooth headset to your SGIII, fire-up Skype, and use the headset to make a VOIP call.

    Doesn't work (no microphone support). Period.

    Believe me, I wish it did...I hate having to haul a laptop with me everywhere just to make Skype calls.

    I find it really funny how confidently you make these assertions that are so easily proven wrong. Make a bet?

    I made such a call just last week. I could be inspired to spend 15 minutes over the weekend to create a video, however I'm hoping some other posters will chime in to back up my claim.
    FACT: Through version 4.1.1 (the last I tested), Android does not properly support microphone input via a Bluetooth headset for Skype VOIP calls. Because if it did, I'd be using it. But it doesn't, so you're either delusional or a liar.

    A cursory search of Google comes up with all sorts of interesting threads on the topic. For example, this one from the Skype support forums:

    Bluetooth headset with Skype, on Android devices - Skype Support Network

    Or perhaps this one:

    Android Bluetooth Feedback - Skype Support Network

    I've tried 4 different headsets/earpieces/devices - Jawbone Icon, Jawbone Jambox, Motorola S-10HD and an el-cheapo Insignia set from Best Buy. NONE of them work - they relay the audio output but fail to pick anything up from the mic.

    So, again, prove me wrong - initiate a Skype call, using your BT headset as the only audio input/output mechanism, and do another one of your infamouse BS videos. Or you can just STFU. Because, like it or not, you're not the only one here with Android experience.

    I've never tried using skype with BT before but I just connected my Nokia BH-111 and tried a quick test call with echo testing service - I can hear them and when It played back it had my voice on the recording.
    So if you are so confident that I can't make a Skype call on my SGIII using my bluetooth headset for mic and audio, here's an offer. I pay you $1000 if I am unable to prove it with a video within a 2 days, and if you are proven wrong, you only have to pay me $100. I value my time and $100 will compensate me for making the video. This is a completely serious offer. We could use one of the trusted mods or posters to hold the funds in escrow. The countdown starts once we find someone willing to do the escrow.

    Unfortunately as I have learned from previous experience, you will prove to be all talk and bluster, and will go into hiding once something of actual consequence is at stake.
    Repeat your test, only leave your phone in the next room (to eliminate its on board mic from picking up the audio).

    Again, Skype for Android works with Bluetooth audio PLAYBACK. But it doesn't pick-up your Bluetooth device's MIC and instead relies on whatever external mic is built into the phone or tablet. So, basically, there's no way to cancel out background noise and generally conduct a call in an intelligible manner outside of a very quiet room and you sitting inches from the device (i.e. defeating the purpose of BT).

    You mean when I rope-a-doped you into challenging me to reproduce my own scenario on the PB and then went and video recorded it for all to see?

    And please note: This time there's literally gigabits of web traffic about this VERY issue! On Skype's own support forums! All saying that my assertion is correct!

    So either you have a "magic" Android device that allows you to do what NO OTHER USER seems to be able to accomplish, or you really are delusional...and as my grandpappy told me long ago, "there's not point arguing with a crazy man."

    So let's take score here: Your claim to be able to do the equivalent of "walk on water" with your Android device vs. lots of very wet people who are all complaining about the same deficiency.

    Crazy nut job with a messiah complex on one side. Thoroughly washed masses on the other.

    Let the public decide.

    I think I can rest my case...

    This is great, I tried this just now with my phone in another room behind two closed doors. Now, I am willing to make the terms of the bet even more attractive for you. My $10000 vs your $100.
    I've got a better idea: Why don't you stop by one of the forum threads I linked to above and share your "secret sauce" with the dozens upon dozens of users who can't get it to work. I know I'm very curious to hear the exact details of how you fixed something that even Skype acknowledges is broken. What combination of headset/earpiece/device were you using? On which version of Android (exact build number please)? Using what, if any, third party software, enhancements or custom mods?

    Note: You're claiming to perform miracles. Right now there are some desperate, hungry people out there waiting to hear the revelation according to "notafanboy." This is no longer about you and me. This is about an opportunity to do a public service to potentially thousands of frustrated Android users.

    So please, let's see some of that healing in action! Show us the way! Make our mute Android devices speak!

    What you consider "miracles" are just ordinary things that Android users take for granted.

    Telus Samsung Galaxy SIII running Android 4.0.4. No root, no mods.
    BT headset which which I bought two years ago (I'll look up the model later)
    Skype for Android

    RCK, can't you afford $100 to possiby win $10,000 USD? If I spend time making a video, there needs to be some kind of consequence to you. If your finances are that tight, I would settle for a fun consequence like changing the forum signature to acknowledge your mistake (kind of of like the ruling where Apple had to apologize to Samsung).

    Except, of course, for all those users in the forum posts I mentioned, correct? Or are you denying that the issue exists at all? Because that would be news to the Skype devs, not to mention lots of frustrated customers (yours, truly, included).

    Again, this isn't you vs. me anymore. This is you vs. the conventional wisdom as established by hundreds upon hundreds of reports flooding various Android and Skype support forums and by the product devs who have acknowledged that the problem exists.

    So what's it going to be? Are you going to continue denying this is an issue? Even after I presented copious evidence to the contrary?

    I bet you think 9/11 was an inside job, too...

    What a surprise. Lot's of talking. No putting money where mouth is.

    Come back when you are willing to risk your $100 for my $10000 or your forum signature for mine.
    Come back when you agree to stop ignoring facts and hiding behind more farcical wager scenarios when someone calls you out.

    What a joke...

    Like I said, "notafanboy" must have a "magic" Android device because nobody else seems to be able to reproduce his results. :screwy:


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