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    Be aware that PlayerPro doesn't provide support at all. That's sad for paying customers. And if you seek help on the developer's support forum and express concern about being ignored, you likely will be banned.

    PlayerPro is a $5 media app on the PlayStore. I bought it some time ago and lately needed informational help from the dev. I was wanting to consolidate my music and video playing into one app. PlayerPro is designed to play videos as well as music. My videos would not play in PlayerPro so, after looking extensively on the PlayStore for a multimedia app that would play all of my files and not finding one, I sought help from this developer on their support forum about a video converter that I could use to convert compatible video files to play in PlayerPro. I never received even the slightest reply. I responded a couple more times, letting the dev know I was not satisfied with the lack of support to paying customers. I found that I had been banned from the dev's support site. My posts have been removed also.
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    01-12-13 04:01 PM
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    Wow thanks for the heads up. That is really a shame. I would contact appworld billing and ask for a refund.

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    01-12-13 04:12 PM
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    By the way, for anyone seeking a multimedia playing app for Android, I recently did finally find one called ZPlayer. It's basically a knock-off of Zune on Windows Phone, but is a superb app. The quality and functionality and attention to detail amazes me. And it plays all of my video files as well as music. I had to discover a fine-tuned spec in my video converter for it to make compatible video files for ZPlayer on my Nexus S and Sensation XL. But the video files, and all of my music, I already had play perfectly on ZPlayer on my GS3.

    I highly recommend ZPlayer.
    01-12-13 04:36 PM
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    Thanks for the heads up... I've experienced no follow up from a number of dev's which is very disappointing. I'll always reach for support before leaving a negative comment but when I get no response its a no holds bar leaving reviews. It your looking for a good media player for music I suggest Nuetron MP. It's strictly a music player and a little pricey a $5, but it's worth every penny, very complex with alot of controls built in. Developer is also responsive to answer questions. Another good media player (again just music) is Think-4-U-Music, just$ .99. Real easy to use smooth UI and developer is supper responsive. These are the type of guys you want to support. Sorry but unfortunately I have no suggestions for video player.

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    01-12-13 04:58 PM
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    I've long been a power amp fan, but I've heard at of good things about z player as well. Thanks for the heads up though on player pro...

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    01-18-13 12:31 PM
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    Wow! Thanks for the heads up, I was about to buy that app. Thank God I had a second thought. And read your post.

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    01-20-13 02:05 AM
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    Interesting. Good to know.
    01-21-13 08:46 PM

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