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    It's hard to believe but out of all of the many planet apps in the PlayStore, not a single one is a simple info giver. Every one of them is convoluted - either a messy 3D type or other with zero info at all to some that want to send you out to the browser and web for simple info listing. In fact, not a single one of them has simple, reliable info. One of them displays info close to what I was needing for some of the planets, like the diameters, but then they left the Sun's diameter out. And none of them displayed the "width" of the solar bodies in Imperial or USCS. They all, or most of them, display in metric units of measure. I can't relate to the metric system. Tell me the Sun is 800,000 miles wide and I can go compare that to the 8,000 miles wide of the Earth and relate to it. But tell me the Earth is 13,000 kilos wide and I have no sense about it.

    But I think I would be barking against a wall to request the app makers consider a normal English measurement system because they might be as temperamental as Sheldon Cooper.

    EDIT - I found one! It's called "Solar System - The Planets" and uses normal English Imperial measurements and displays info simply and non-complexly. I intend to give this dev 10 stars out of 5 rating
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    12-05-12 02:51 PM
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    Well, the States is the last bastion of Imperial. The rest of the world uses Metric.

    1 Mile = 1.60934 Kilmoters

    1 Kilometer = 0.62137 Kilometers

    There is really nothing to wrap around, it's a simple conversion.
    12-06-12 11:36 AM

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