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  1. Marty_LK's Avatar
    I finally decided on my secondary upgrade device and chose a Nexus S GSM version. I wanted the openness of a Google-branded phone without costing anything and one that I could easily mod to my heart's content. The Nexus S is all I could afford - free...hehe. I wanted a Nexus 4 but couldn't find the funds, so I settled on the Nexus S and so far I'm elated. This is a superior'ly fine phone. It has most, if not all, of the common features of the other Nexus phones, like NFC, FFC, and is incredibly mod-supported. It was easy to unlock and root - got it about 2 hours ago and have a CM9 (ICS) ROM on it already.

    Looking at the curvature of the front face of the Nexus S, I thought I was onto why Google wanted a curved face. One thing I hate in all FFC phones is the camera not being properly aimed leaving you having to angle the camera toward your chin or neck for your image to be squarely in the display. Looking at the top curvature of the Nexus S, it angles downward while facing you. I figured this was the way Google planned in order to properly aim the FFC at the user comfortably. That is n't case, sadly, as I still had to angle the phone toward my chin to get my face centered in the display when I booted up the FFC.

    On other things - this is a superb mod-oriented phone and should provide me with excellent customizing functionality.

    One significant factor in choosing the Nexus S is the full size sim card. My secondary line is associated with phones that I still want to continue to use and which have full size sim cards. No need to hassle with any kind of sim adapter with the Nexus S.
    Last edited by Marty_LK; 11-11-12 at 10:38 AM. Reason: Add content
    11-09-12 03:35 PM
  2. Marty_LK's Avatar
    The first ROM I flashed was a CyanogenMOD 9 ROM and I chose to get away from it because...well, it's junk. I was reminded how junky CM ROMs are when I tired to MMS a personal picture taken with the FFC. What happened was the picture processed sideways rather than the proper orientation. The picture displayed sideways, no matter what orientation I held the phone. And this very same thing also happened on a CM7 ROM I tried to use on my Inspire 4G. I informed the CM people, but nothing ever got fixed with the Inspire ROM.

    My advice to anyone flashing customs ROM: avoid official CyanogenMOD ROM directly from their site. The best CM ROMs are the ones customized by devs.
    11-09-12 07:25 PM
  3. Marty_LK's Avatar
    Well, after much effort I finally came across a really sweet ROM for the GSM Nexus S. It seems there's a lot of junk for the phone. The amount of dev support is vast. But along with that vast support is also a lot of junk. I wanted a pure stock Jelly Bean ROM to start off with and almost didn't find one. The majority of ROMs are heavily modded with tweaks and features out the ying yang. That's all good and fine, but they tend to be resource hogs and slow in responding. The official Google-released Jelly Bean ROM for the Nexus S (modded only to flash with recovery) is the smoothest and fastest one I've used so far.
    11-10-12 11:54 AM
  4. papped's Avatar
    My advice to anyone flashing customs ROM: avoid official CyanogenMOD ROM directly from their site. The best CM ROMs are the ones customized by devs.
    Totally depends on the phone. Some phones are terrible to program for depending on the chipset (like some of the popular Samsung phones). Other phones like the Xperia T went from CM10 square1 to basically daily driver status in a few weeks flat...
    11-12-12 06:54 PM
  5. Marty_LK's Avatar
    One very sweet thing about black smartphones equipped with OLED-based displays is the blackness of the display. It totally blends in with the black border surrounding the display on the front of the phone. Most LCDs can't do this because of the properties of liquid crystal. They can't produce the perfectly black look while powered off or on. I grew very fond of the blackness quality of OLED-based phones with my Samsung Focus, which has the same size display as the Nexus S and probably the exact same SAMOLED, because you can't set a wallpaper on it like all WP7 phones and are always seeing the perfect black of the display on and off. To me, the Focus is an incredibly handsome and elegant phone, which is nearly fully black with chrome sides. The Nexus S is this same way but is fully black all over. I made a perfectly black wallpaper and set it on my Nexus giving it the same elegant look - but without the chrome sides of the Focus.
    11-12-12 10:18 PM
  6. Marty_LK's Avatar
    I'm long in the tooth now with my NS. I've flashed and experienced a boatload of different ROMs from Gingerbread variants to JB 4.2.1 variants. I've found a few gems and a lot of junk. But I got bored and decided to flash a Gingerbread ROM. My NS came to me originally equipped with 2.3.5 GB, but I didn't stick with it. Within an hour or so I had ICS running on it. Nevertheless, I distinctly remember how fast my NS was with GB in those very few minutes of experiencing it and wanted to give it thorough try so I flashed the latest, fully official, GB ROM, which also flashed the bootloader and radio as a normal, official-type ROM update.

    After setting up the ROM and all - establishing my customary links and widgets, I couldn't believe how crappy GB was. As was the norm with pre-ICS Android, the more widgets the launcher had to deal with, the laggier and un-smooth it becomes. With only app links and very few widgets, the launcher was sufficiently smooth. But I have one widget per 4 of the 5 homescreens and up to 3 widgets on the 5th, main, homescreen. Having it setup that way made it too laggy and unsmooth so I, after soldiering awhile hoping for it to cache-up and smooth out, called it quits and wiped my NS for a JB ROM.

    This experiment was a stark reminder of what Android used to be and what it is now; how Android came from below iOS in quality and user convenience to fly high above iOS with ICS/JB.
    12-06-12 06:40 PM

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