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    This is a repost from Android Central!

    They're both of similar size and they're both pretty sexy (at least from the pictures I've seen). The reason I can't choose one over the other is because of the Sony's special features: PS4 remote play, the camera (sorry) and the special audio features are the reason that won't let me pick the Nexus 9. However I'm a Nexus fan because I've got a Nexus 7 and I want those Boom Sound speakers, high-res screen (2K is it?) and double tap to wake.

    I can get over the camera as I'm pretty confident I'll only ever use it for a bit when I first get it. I can even get that high resolution audio experience by buying that A10 audio player (eventually). The only problem is remote play. But isn't there a way to get that as well?
    Thanks for your help in advance

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    10-20-14 05:18 PM
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    I would probably get the nexus for me. I dont every use a camera on a tablet. that is what my phone is for and I dont game so the choice is easy for me i guess
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    10-25-14 09:45 AM
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    Can't comment on the Sony but all I can say is I'm really enjoying the Nexus 9,it's a great all around tablet. I'm actually quite surprised about the mixed reviews out there but just goes to show you that it's what YOU like that is the most important.
    11-22-14 09:01 AM

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