06-18-10 09:23 PM
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    If we are talking Android Forums, NONE can beat our sister site, Android Central....

    06-18-10 03:40 PM
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    ....from the insecure BB users, but I finally switched over from the storm 2 to an acer liquid e running android 2.1. After 4 blackberries, it has been quite a switch. Lots of really cool things I like about android and lots of things I miss from BB. But, the storm got me addicted to touchscreen. It was the coolest phone I've ever owned, but also the most buggy and unstable. No, not user error. Unless all my user errors and incompetance with a phone only apply to the storm.
    Anyway, I'm gonna miss BB, but so far Android is going well. Maybe I'll switch back to a BB again someday, it's not like it's a life choice or an issue of morals etc. like so many here seem to think. It's just a damn phone. lol
    Thanks to all that have helped my with my BB. I'll still try to help out around these parts when I can.
    still not really sure this was worth a thread at all
    06-18-10 09:23 PM
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