05-13-11 10:16 AM
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    I did! You remember?!? Right after I got my mail working I started using my Atrix as my primary device, and kept my Torch in my bag because it still was my primary number. Then when my daughter had her tonsils out and I was homme with her I actually tried to switch the numbers so my primary number would ring on my Atrix. However, the AT&T CSR couldn't change them because of the difference in SIM cards. So initially I thought the battery would settle in and I could use it as my primary device.
    However, that was when the lagginess began and then the battery improved only while I was home and on WiFi. Most of my workdays are away from WiFi. That was when I took Gmail off my Torch and went back to it. Then I began using my Atrix for multimedia and browsing.
    Now - I have a very long commute because I work in DC and live in the country. So my usage on the train is always the same length - browsing, emailing, YouTube. I use my iPod for music. The ony difference is that with the Atrix if I get to a site that uses Flash I can view it.
    Other than that, usage is the same on my Torch as when I was using my Atrix as my main device.
    Trust me, I WANTED it to work. I paid cash for it. I don't buy a device and spend $500 hoping it won't be a fit!
    I just noticed some serious lad for a dual core phone on my friend's lg optimus today as well as unresponsive buttons. Clicking on a link in the browser was followed by a 2 seconds lag and had to try it a few times in the first place.

    What was funny was that he found an old photo of me in his memory card and was trying to email it to me then after composing the email and attaching the photo he hit the back button accidentaly and the email was gone, not saved in the drafts folder, lol he was getting frustrated.

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    05-13-11 09:58 AM
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    By the way, my 9700 got his email before his phone told him the email was sent lol. Here's the picture in question, 2-3 year old
    05-13-11 10:02 AM
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    i am sure you use your phone more than most honestly. getting 14 is probably as good as you are going to get. There are somedays i barely get 10 depending on signal quality and i am sure i use my TB a little less than you would. My job doesnt need me to be on my phone much if any so its used more to talk to the GF and such. I am sure if you root with a new kernal you would be able to add a couple hours of life and get rid of the annoying bloat. I also know that is NOT an option for many people and that is why the phones fin the end wont work for their needs.
    I do use my phones *a lot.*
    I don't play games but I do look at YouTube. There are a lot of videos I watch because of my activites, it isn't just to watch videos.
    Plus I have an enormous family (Irish/Cuban....you KNOW there are a million of people just immediate relatives!) who are scattered all over creation. Plus my kids' caretake (nanny?) with whom I'm in constant touch. True, at the office it's on my desk phone, but I am solidly on the phone through the day.
    05-13-11 10:12 AM
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    YMMV I guess.

    I'm rooted with CM7 overclocked to 1GHz (for what? IDK)

    I can get through my work day + gym (leave my home at around 7:20 am and don't get back home until 7:30-8 PM) and I don't put my phone back on the charger until it's time for me to sleep (around 11 or so)

    I have a bunch of widgets, gmail and work email set to push, Plume (twitter) update every 30 minutes, Facebook updates every hour (with push notifications on for messages, comments, etc even though it SUCKS). I do a little bit of browsing while at the gym during down times, play Angry Birds (Rio, lately), text messaging, a few hours worth of phone calls (that comes at the end of the night - GF lol), about 100 or so text messages... and various work e-mails if needed (if i'm out of the office)

    For me that's good, as that's about the same life I got out of my 9700
    05-13-11 10:16 AM
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