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    I found this from Flipboard and have already ordered mine for my GS3. The only colors were pink, orange and lime so apparently the stock is dwindling. I ordered the gorgeous orange one, since my current case is orange and I love orange.

    If you own a GS3 or Note 2, you have to register it through the Samsung Facebook page to receive an email link for the cover. It says to do it on mobile app, but I did it on my PC.

    Got a Galaxy S3 or Galaxy Note 2? Get a free Flip Cover and NFC Tectiles by registering it with Samsung
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    12-28-12 08:42 PM
  2. kilted thrower's Avatar
    I don't know about anyone else but I think it looks cheap and even more so on the phone. I received one with my Note. I did like the texture of the back, so I took an exacto and cut off the front part. The other issue I had with it is I'm on my phone so much, it was a hassle to mess with the flap all the time.
    01-01-13 11:23 AM

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