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    I posted this on the BB Forum first. Thought I would post it here to see if there are any takers on the last question.

    Before I purchased my current phone (BB Storm 2) I purchased a Motorola Droid. This did not go well, returned it 5-days later and purchased my Storm 2. For some odd reason, the insane amount of verizon commercials inticed me to take another look at the Droid. Another reason I decided to give it a try was that I read it had an update, so I wanted to see if the update created a new experience for me.

    My criteria for a smartphone are simple:

    1. Does the email work
    2. Can I type accurately using the keyboard/keyboards
    3. Is the UI easy to use (no uneccessary menus and button pushing)
    4. Does the Camera work (yeah I use my pone camera alot)
    5. Mutimedia playback (music/Video)
    6. Productive apps (something I didn't previously care about)
    7. And of Course Browsing experience
    8. Battery Life

    These are basic things off the top of my head that I look at when I buy a phone. There are somethings that are obvious pluses for each phone, Browsing,e-mail) So i'm not going to go over all these things, I would have to write an article for that.

    That being said, the update to the droid software, did abosolutely nothing for me. After one week of testing my Storm 2 still reigns supreme. I would say that on many aspects the Droid is a fabulous multimedia/phone/computing device, but, and this is not bashing......

    the camera is still horrific when compared to the Storm 2 Don't know if it was the lighting or maybe I was holding the phone incorrectly, the camera did not work.

    Another biggie for me, is the touchscreen, well it is what it is. There is nothing like surepress. Although I despise most touch screens when it comes to typing, I will say that I can type much more accurate with the Droid on-screen keyboard than on the Storm 2. The Auto-correct does not allow mistakes it works really well when sending a professional e-mail, don't have to do much back tracking. Overall I'm just a surepress fanatic.

    The antiquated OS on blackberry is not the most consumer exciting UI out there for sure, but sometimes old things just work well. Android is nice, but man, I wish it could be simplified in some ways. It may be my famialarity with Blackberry OS, but I find myself being more productive with the Storm 2.

    The battery, my freaking goodness. The Droid has a long battey life if you don't use it. If you use the droid without completely dimming the screen you will be lucky to make to the end of the day with out charging that beast of a phone. Droid is the Hummer of phones, I t was like having another smartphone syphoning battery juice from my phone. I use BB storm 2 regularly, Lots of text, lots of word mole, TONS of Opera Browsing, and of course the occasional call and e-mails, emails, emails. I make through the day with room to spare.

    Lastly, I thought I would take a look at the apps again, I've never been all over the app craze but I thought it would be useful for me and my evaluation of the two devises. Obviously the Droid app store is loaded, but the App store is not great when it comes to design (not that App world is a wonder). When you have 15-20,000 application it is very difficult to search without including additional filtering criteria, and the apps I found that I thought I might like, BLAH. Quality over quantity is the phrase that I enjoy! I'd rather have quality apps than 80% suck jobs. Again this not a praise to the BB App world (lot of stinkers in there as well). Basically the whole app thing is a wash to me cause I don't use thme anyway, save for some card games and puzzles,and the BB App world has an APP for that.

    BIG QUESTION: Anyone want a one-week old, Mint-Condition droid for a low price? Sorry, the Storm 2 is not for sale
    12-24-09 01:22 PM
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    How some people compare App World to the Market is beyond me.
    In the year I had my Storm's I might have downloaded two or three apps that were worth the price. I find something new and exciting on my Droid everyday. Not to mention the Market apps are, for the most part, cheap.
    How much are you asking for your Droid?
    12-24-09 01:45 PM
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    IemShamus...you beat me to it. How much for the Droid?
    12-24-09 01:47 PM
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    Again the Droid, is new. I used the Droid form less than a full week. I would like $385 if you are in MD, $400 if I have to ship. Phone is in Mint condition and has box and all accessories including the 16-gig sd card.
    12-24-09 03:04 PM