1. Rob Robertson's Avatar
    I'm running the latest CM 10.1 nightlies on my Telus Galaxy S3 (SGH-i747). Things have been fine up until a few days ago.

    Whenever I open the camera app, I see the camera UI for a split second and then the gallery launches on its own. I have to hit back or the camera icon in the gallery to get back to the camera.

    Any idea whats causing this? not sure if its the ROM or just a quirk with Android 4.2.

    I have tried clearing the data form the gallery app and restarting the phone but to no avail. My next step would be to wipe the phone and reinstall CM and GAPPS.
    01-24-13 05:35 PM
  2. rksst228's Avatar
    have you cleared the data from the camera app? i find that the aokp roms are much better than cm... you should them a try
    01-25-13 07:29 AM

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