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  1. raduray's Avatar
    I've had my Incredible for about a week and a half and am considering returning it within the 30 day period and upgrading to the Motorola Extreme when it becomes available next month. Here are the issues:

    1. The Incredible's touch buttons are too sensitive and I'm always activating them inadvertently. The Extreme will have real buttons.
    2. The Incredible's OLED display is bad news in direct sunlight. I like to run golf GPS app when on the course and it's tough to read. My Storm 1's display was much better in that regard and the Extreme's should be better as well.
    3. The Incredible's battery life is poor. I can't get thru a full day. I do play with it a lot, but that's why I got this toy.
    4. Having experienced browsers in the Android world, I now want a bigger screen. It will make typing in portrait mode easier too as the keys will be bigger.
    5. The one thing I'm concerned about is the lack of a trackball/trackpad on the Xtreme. I found it handy for precise cursor control when editing. How big a deal is that?

    The Incredible's been a great introduction to Android and, to me, it really is a great improvement over the Storm, even though I don't get Google's contact management scheme (can't sort by last name - huh?).

    I'd appreciate comments, particularly on item 5.
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    06-15-10 11:59 AM
  2. Lynx's Avatar
    The following is all my opinion so take it as that and not fact

    1. I like the touch buttons on the incredible and dont have any issues with them. But some people prefer physical buttons. To each his own for this.

    2. I do agree the screen isnt the best in direct sunlight, and I too run a golf GPS app very frequently however I dont find this to be a deal breaker. The times you look at a phone in direct sunlight compared to anything else is negligible. I guess this also depends on where you live and how you use your phone.

    3. I cant comment on this since its on the charger when im at work, and its charging when its in my car. I do know that I can easily get through 18 holes using the Golf GPS and have plenty of battery left over.

    4. I use swype so I cant comment on this. It also seems to be user opinion.

    5. This would probably be whatever you get use to. I had a Droid before the Incredible and it didnt have the trackpad so I never used it. The Incredible does so I can use it when I need to.

    I hope this helps you out. In the end it all comes down to your preference. I dont like the big size of some new phones coming out, and I like the form factor of the Incredible and am a big fan of Sense UI.
    06-15-10 12:37 PM
  3. Johnly's Avatar
    I recommend you wait until you can put an X next to the HTC. Then decide sir, and decide for yourself. The X may just surprise u......
    06-16-10 09:16 PM