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    Hello! IS there a way to change the receiving call screen to swipe up to answer?

    I am trying to upgrade my father's old feature phone to an android with a simple launcher for seniors. I pretty much made the phone as simple as possible with "Senior Homescreen" launcher (although I'd love to customize it to make it more simple ), app locks, etc. but when I tested out receiving a call, after you press the phone icon, it gives you the option to swipe left to reject the call, swipe up to text, and swipe right to answer.

    WHY so complicated?!

    I tried installing ZenUI Dialer and Contacts, but that doesn't change the Receiving Call screen
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    04-03-17 05:50 PM
  2. anon(3641385)'s Avatar
    A swipe up for all as a choice, not just for seniors, lol 😀

    The current embedded phone app is the native google makers (name of group escapes me atm). And imo it's no where as good as it could be.

    I started a thread sometime ago that attempted to ascertain the interest amongst cb users as to BlackBerry making a phone app overlay. I see it as essential and afterall it is an integral part of the hub.

    I want the simple solution of touching a 'button' to answer and 'end' a call. Like a green phone image to answer and a red phone image to end.
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    Anybody know any apps that can change the call answering screen? Anyone? ... Please? lol
    04-14-17 05:53 PM

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