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    Sorry for the long post but:

    On the Play Store, some apps I install look like this:
    Sideload .apks?-img_20160606_145332.png
    And won't install. I understand that they are apps meant to only run in the background, and is not supported on BB10.

    A long time later, I looked into the GAPPS package for 4.3, to see if it would work. As expected, no cigar, as some of them looked like the picture above. Then I thought of sideloading them.

    I couldn't convert it to a .bar file, so I tried sideloading the .apk files directly. There are no programs I've found for that. So before I try doing it in futility, is it possible?

    Even if the GAPPS don't work (which is pretty likely, I'm thinking), is there a way to get the so-called "background" apps by sideloading?

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    06-06-16 03:04 PM
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    You can add the .apk file to your phone by usb cable or email/ Dropbox, etc. (save it to your SD download folder.)

    Once you have it saved on the SD card, you will need to click on it. Make sure that you have enabled the feature: Settings>App Manager>Installing Apps> Allow Apps from Other Sources to be Installed>Yes.

    How to install an Android app (APK) to a BlackBerry | CrackBerry.com
    06-06-16 03:14 PM

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