1. soky001's Avatar
    Hi folks,

    I really would like to have my standby green led on priv like in the good old days of Blackberry and I mean not just led flasing for notifications, is there an app anywhere?
    Even managed to get this on Z10, Z30 and the Passport with an app called Watcher, on Priv still nothing, maybe somebody found anything like this?
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    12-27-15 12:26 PM
  2. soky001's Avatar
    Think I found a Solution for this too!!!

    The App Light Flow does something very very similar to the old led on BB, just let it blink green when connected to GSM ( and in my case that is always ���� ).
    Found this solution on Adroid central forum, thx guys for this hint..
    01-05-16 10:08 AM

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