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    Name: Call Notes

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    Use Call Notes to log phone calls to the Calendar application and optionally add a call note. You can also set to automatically log incoming and outgoing text messages to the Calendar application.

    Use Whitelist database to only log those Contacts who call or text you.

    Option to prompt you for a call note after every call. You can set an Reminder alarm for a call back.

    Option to include GPS location in the calendar event.

    Select any available installed Calendar to save the log to.


    ★ Log all phone calls. Incoming, outgoing, missed call and unknown/private calls
    ★ Log incoming and outgoing text messages
    ★ Option to include GPS location in the Calendar event
    ★ Option to include Reminder alarm for call back
    ★ Option to add Whitelist contacts and only log whitelist
    ★ Automatically log all calls and text messages
    ★ Log only phone calls that are longer than specified seconds
    ★ Select any installed Calendar to save to

    Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...soft.callnotes

    Price: Free trial with In App Purchase
    12-03-16 08:56 AM