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    So there are these two Apps that I really like and it certainly brings a bit of fun to the OS. They do not require root or sneaky permissions. And no I didnt develop them or know the developers I just really enjoy these two apps. Then again, I don't know if people using Blackberries (typically the business crowd) would even consider using this for their phones, but anyway.

    The first is NavBar apps and using it you can change the background of the navigation bar. You can either change the colour or even add a background image. You can add your own image and PNG images work well as you can have an image with transparent parts that show the colour of the app on the nav bar. I'm more of a capacitive button person and I hated onscreen buttons till I found this app that gave me some reason to like them.


    The second app is called Muviz and adds a visualiser on top or under the navbar. Works well and it does require permission for recording but that's because it needs access to audio playback on a software level and does not access the Mic.

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    10-27-16 07:04 AM
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    thanks for the review of these apps! I am a fairly new Android user....under two years and I am still finding apps that I love!

    Appreciate your review!
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    10-27-16 08:48 AM

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