1. scrapmetal58's Avatar
    Is anyone able to upload videos to Instagram? It used to work for me, but doesn't anymore. They always get stuck halfway uploading. I tried deleting, and installing again, using an older apk. Nothing has worked. Otherwise, the app works perfectly.
    Any ideas?

    Posted via CB10
    06-30-16 04:00 PM
  2. HeHates's Avatar
    I upgraded from IG 6.0 to 8.4 and I've encountered the same video upload problem. I hope someone has a fix.
    06-30-16 07:05 PM
  3. scrapmetal58's Avatar
    I hope so too

    Posted via CB10
    06-30-16 08:40 PM
  4. habubakarhamzahamza's Avatar
    Is not working at all

    Posted via CB10
    07-07-16 08:56 AM
  5. TheDutch20's Avatar
    Maybe going back to a venison that works? Maine 8.1 instead of current.

    Posted via CB10
    07-07-16 08:28 PM
  6. TheDutch20's Avatar
    Yeah nvm that doesn't work either gets stuck just the same

    Posted via CB10
    07-07-16 08:48 PM

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