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    With the Mercury coming and 7.0 at the door, I think it would be appropriate if the hub app (and launcher hub-related) includes the following (all of the below is related to pkb gesture, not the touchscreen)

    A. Navigation (in main screen hub app):
    1. Swipe up/down: scrolling up/down like normal touchscreen activity
    2. Swipe right: do nothing. In the hub app in the bb launcher, swipe right to go to home screen.
    3. Swipe left: bring up the left menu like the one we have when we swipe left from the edge of the touchscreen. Once in the menu, swipe up/down to scroll to each account, enter to enter the account hub screen, swipe left do nothing, swipe right back to standard hub screen.
    4. Double tab: in standard hub screen or each account hub screen, double tab to highlight individually item (email, bbm chat etc.): swipe up/down to scroll up/down, swipe left/right to perform the same action that was set like we do with the touchscreen, and then we can incorporate shortcut: d for delete, r for reply, l for reply all etc.

    B. Compose new:
    Just want to use double tab for choosing from drop down items: for example when I type da in the To: field of composing email, a menu display suggested contact like David A and David B. Double tap on pkb should bring the cursor so we can swipe to navigate within the field, and when we are at the end of the field, swipe down should highlight the suggested contact (and so we can scroll up/down of the list) and a ctrl enter to choose that contact and put it into the field.

    The other thing is the ability to assign shortcut to the account when composing (at the moment b for bbm, e for main email account, s for sms, but the shortcut should include more for example w for whatsapp).

    That would be all. Any idea/suggestion/comment?
    12-10-16 05:01 AM
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    Would like to have Cody to take a look at this and see what's his thinking?
    12-10-16 05:03 AM
  3. Cong Tuan Nguyen's Avatar
    Nobody? Anybody?
    12-11-16 05:42 PM