1. horangi7's Avatar
    Anyone else having issues with exchange accounts? Using Office365 for work account and it will work in the Hub for about a day or two then it will stop syncing email. Have to delete the account from the Hub and add it back to get my emails working again.

    I am using a Galaxy S7 Edge, anyone know of a fix for this?

    08-15-16 05:24 AM
  2. Valerijs Gavrilovs's Avatar
    I've got a problem with appointment times at Blackberry Hub at my Blackberry Priv smartphone.They are shifted automatically by one hour later. I'm using Gmail for my e-mail and at PC I use MS Outlook 2010 which is synchronized by using Google Apps Sync. I never had a problem with calendar appointment synchronization between these two. Now I have an issue with Blackberry Hub. If I make an appointment at Gmail account it shows correctly in my Blackberry Hub. But if I make an appointment from MS Outlook the time shown at my Hub app is shifted by one hour further. After I accept an appointment it changes throughout all applications used to incorrect time slot and I'm missing the meetings. It is a disaster for me. Is there any solutions to that problem?
    08-15-16 05:58 AM
  3. chrispmoto's Avatar
    My hub isn't even working all of a sudden....

    Clicked and flicked with my Priv.
    08-15-16 06:22 PM
  4. neeraj121y's Avatar
    My hub isn't even working all of a sudden....

    Clicked and flicked with my Priv.
    From where you get hub+ I can't find it on play store
    08-16-16 12:08 AM
  5. ubizmo's Avatar
    Mail seems to be syncing but not calendar or contacts, since I switched to hub+
    08-27-16 06:52 AM
  6. horangi7's Avatar
    So I found out what was causing my exchange account from syncing. I had the Sync.ME app to update contact pictures and once I uninstalled it and re added my exchange account everything is working as expected now.

    Posted via the CrackBerry App for Android
    08-28-16 10:59 AM
  7. ubizmo's Avatar
    Well, my calendar entries finally synced to my outlook.com account, after at least several days of not doing so, but any contacts I've created or edited on my OnePlus One are not syncing out. On the other hand, if I created a contact on outlook.com, it immediately appears on my phone.

    I can't quite figure out if this is caused by BB Hub+. At the moment, there's still no BB Contacts app associated with Hub+, but the Hub+ setup does allow you to choose what to sync, i.e., contacts, calendar, etc. And there's still the problem of having to use a "custom view" just to see the outlook.com contacts in the stock Android contacts app.

    When I was using Cobalt's version of BB Contacts, it worked fine. I'm hoping an official version of BB Contacts will arrive soon, to snap onto Hub+.
    08-29-16 11:37 AM

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