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    GFE is the goto app for most of us enterprise users as dictated by our IT managers. Good has been owned by BlackBerry lately and ironically the Android version of the app remains riddled with design compromises.

    Just to name a few... can't copy/paste email content within the app even though this was never intended by design. According to the Good KB it is an unresolved bug... Another issue is I can't even open pdf (or other) email enclosures unless a pdf reader (or the required app) is installed or provisioned also by our IT... I already have both the Google version and the original Acrobat Reader apps loaded on my Android but can't open pdf enclosures that are secured by Good. I have to forward my enterprise email to my personal email so that I can open the enclosure... simply not an acceptable solution.

    Any corrections to my above experience would be welcome as I am eager to move to the Priv or DTEK but can't work with such regressed user interface after using a Passport for almost a couple years now. Actually, even my BES enabled 9810 Torch had better interface than GFE. The copy/paste bug is apparently only on the Android app... not IOS.

    Not so Good going BlackBerry... how about being the SW company that you claim you always have been and work on this issue now... the only way you will secure drones of businesses migrating to your Android based new era is to "significantly" improve the user interface of GFE... populating your hardware offerings without URGENTLY resolving this issue first is not a sustainable approach and will only increase your disenfranchised base that is already migrating to the iPhone.

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    08-12-16 02:11 PM
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    I've know of two local companies that dropped Good.... both due to poor Android compatibility with users different BOYD Android devices. On iOS it was fine, but they were constantly having to mess around with different Android phones to get the Good app and functionality to work correctly.

    I think if a company stuck with one or two devcies, it would be a lot easier. But with most moving to BOYD, it makes it hard for IT....
    08-12-16 03:17 PM

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