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    Please scan the QR code to download it or find it on Google Play by Tracks Free or com.mydreamsoft_tracks_free

    Tracks is user-friendly app to locate your group members easily and does not require any special skills to use it.

    Create your own group
    - You can add your family members, friends or teammates into the group.

    • View real-time location of group members
    - Parents can determine the location of your children in real time.
    - You can know your group members’ location when you are travelling or shopping in a new mall, you no need to worry will get separated from the others.

    • Receive real-time alerts when group members arrive at/leave destinations
    - CREATE PLACES and will receive a notification alert when group members arrive at or leave the place.

    • Navigate to your children’s location
    - No need to worry where your children are, you can navigate to their location now.

    • Save time
    - When you plan to meet your friends at outside, you can know their exact location now and estimated the time that they will arrive, so you can save time of waiting.

    * View real-time location of your kids or teammates
    * Receive a notification when your kids reached home or school
    * Know where your kids are even you are not around them
    * Locate group members location easily

    Free App - Tracks-fb_free.jpg
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    06-01-17 03:52 AM
  2. TheBond's Avatar
    Can't find it on PlayStore in Australia at least
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    06-01-17 04:59 AM
  3. My Dream Soft's Avatar

    Thanks for your message. Since we just released it by today, it might a bit difficult to find in on store by typed the name. You can try to scan the QR Code on the picture it will redirect you to the app in Play Store. Alternative way, you can try to type com.mydreamsoft.tracks_free on Google Play and see whether can find it.

    06-01-17 05:46 AM
  4. anon(3641385)'s Avatar
    Is this the same as bbm's glympse?
    06-05-17 05:07 AM

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