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    Have fun with your friends by playing multiplayer online and offline games and doing fun challenges.

    - Challenge your self and your friends
    by playing One Player with several levels ( Easy , Medium and Hard )
    and challenge your friend by choose playing online to search for a friend to play with you
    and challenge your friend by choose playing offline and play together on same device.

    - How It Works :
    * You Have Three Diamonds , You must move every diamond from your three twice to can win and connect its as a one line vertical or horzintal.
    * You Can log in with your google account and save your name and picture and play online with any one at the world.
    * You Can play with computer by choose play One Player then choose play level from three levels ( Easy , Medium , Hard )

    -- Fatures :
    * Easly UX 'User Experience' to enjoy playing.
    * Highly UI 'User Interface' nice graphics .
    * Supporting Play Multiplayer Online .
    * Supporting Play with computer.
    * Supporting three levels one player.
    * Supporting Offline multiplayer mode.
    * Supporting Google Play Service " Leaderboards , Achievements ".

    Play , enjoy and record your score.


    04-10-16 07:39 AM
  2. bakron1's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing
    04-10-16 01:37 PM

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