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    I feel confident that many of you will like this free ebook reader that I am recommending here for a variety of reasons. I will also provide some tips.

    The author of this software Vadim Lopatin originally started writing his ePub book reader engine for the Jinke e-ink reader (sold under various names in global markets, EZ Reader Pocket Pro, BeBook, Papyrus, LBook, Hanlin, etc.) It was the best engine at the time for those readers, I owned one. He then started making it for Android. This implementation has nice 3D page curls and high control over font rendering and colours.

    I have an old slow dual core 32 bit tablet, which is perfect to test out apps on. I also like things to look nice when it comes to reading books, especially fonts and colours. This is important to me. If it looks like crap and runs like crap on the tablet, I won't use it.

    Google Play link, Priv people use this link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...olreader.newui

    Mirrored copy of the APK from the above for the BB10 Z30 folks (version 3.3.72): https://www.dropbox.com/s/r59f78eh4l...wui-1.apk?dl=0

    Alternatively from the author, all versions and platforms: Cool Reader - Browse /CoolReader3/cr3-newui-opengl at SourceForge.net

    Recommended well known free font to try, Gentium Book Basic (yes, even on BB10 devices too): http://software.sil.org/downloads/ge...Basic_1102.zip

    Now for some notes:

    This app supports user fonts. You don't have to use them. You can use the default Android fonts. I like using high quality fonts.
    BB10: In the file manager, /misc/android/ create a folder called fonts.
    Android: If you don't already have a fonts folder, make a folder called fonts in the same folder level that contains your other user folders like Download, Movies, Music, etc.
    In the font zipfile I listed above, there are 8 TTF files in it. For Z30 you will just want the four that say GentiumBk. These are heavier book weight, the other four are lighter weight Roman ones. For Priv, I don't know at those resolutions, try both I guess but you will probably still end up on the Book weight. Put the 4 ttf GentiumBk fonts in the fonts folder you just created.
    Now, in "font rendering options" under "fonts and colours" note that you can turn anti-aliasing on and off, you can also turn the bytecode interpreter on and off. What is really great about this is that many fonts you may choose were designed to have the BCI or not to have the BCI. And some older ones may look better without anti-aliasing on lower resolution screens or do not need anti-aliasing on super-high resolution screens. You can play to see what looks best on your screen for your font. Note that for Gentium Book Basic, it looks best with the Bytecode Interpreter unchecked. However, Iowan Old Style (used in iBooks) as an example looks better with the Bytecode Interpreter checked. You will have to test to see with whatever you're using, but you have the choice, which is really important to have.
    App is sometimes fussy if the book is fussy about what size fonts you are using. This can't be helped unfortunately. Once you are in the font size range the book will "let" you have, then your chosen font will work properly, otherwise it will be something else. Fiddle if you are in that situation.

    BB10: Make the interface fullscreen to hide the bottom black bar by swiping down from the top and selecting hide, which you should already know how to do.
    BB10: Fullscreen off in the application's interface settings. Having it on will also show you the time and % read.
    Priv: Fullscreen on, reason for the difference from BB10 is because on true Android, fullscreen off will show the little black status bar at the top showing the clock as well as the 3 buttons at the bottom of the screen.
    I also like to have show book cover unchecked in 3D mode under "page layout", but this is really a personal preference.
    I also turn off the textured pages and use a solid colour instead. When you use a solid colour, you can adjust it to any colour you like. I like ivory/cream pages.
    You can change the font colour to any colour you like. Make it dark reddish brown, make it red, amber anything you like.
    On an AMOLED screen for reading in darkness, you could make the page background black and the letters pure red, but that might be a little too high contrast.
    When the book is opening for the first time it is slow. After that first open, re-opens are faster.

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    Cool thanks for the share...
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    Last night I noticed something useful to me. The day/night mode button, you can actually set the colours for both. I found that useful to know. Press night and then go to settings to set it up the way you like for low-light conditions and all other times it can be day mode which is also fully configurable in the same spot. Then you can just flip back and forth.

    Day, Z30:
    Excellent ePub Reader Recommendation: Cool Reader GL-img_20160201_084228.png

    Night, Z30:
    Excellent ePub Reader Recommendation: Cool Reader GL-img_20160201_084238.png

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