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    I've installed the BB apps on an Android tablet. I've noticed a critical feature missing and I'm wondering if it's on the Priv too, or just non-supported Android devices.

    The biggest reason I use a BB is the work related efficiency functionality. One of those functions is the ability, though Exchange, to check free/busy time of colleagues when setting up meetings. It looks like this on my Z30:

    Difference Android BB Calendar vs BB10 Calendar-screenshot_02-04-08.43.09.jpg

    However, when I go to my meeting setup screen on the Android tablet, I see no such option:

    Difference Android BB Calendar vs BB10 Calendar-screenshot_2016-02-04-edit.jpg

    Am I missing something, or is that functionality missing? I know it's not in standard Android or iOS (again, one of the reasons I use a BB), but was hoping BB had ported it with the BB Calendar.
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    02-04-16 08:53 PM
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    Is this possible yet in iOS (don't think so)?

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    02-06-16 11:04 AM
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    Is this possible yet in iOS (don't think so)?

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    What are you looking for exactly?

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    02-23-16 02:22 AM
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    The ability to check my colleagues' free/busy time in order to schedule meetings. Notice in the first pic starting under "all others" it shows calendar info for all the people invited to the meeting (within my organization), using that info, I can select a time we're all free (same as you can do in Outlook desktop).

    Based on the screen shot, we're all free 2:30-3:00 and after 4:30. No guessing and going back and forth.

    In the Android version, there's no such option.
    02-23-16 07:59 AM
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    Posted the question to @BlackBerryHelp... crickets there too

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    02-24-16 06:47 PM

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