1. pizzawheel's Avatar
    Is there an app out there that will enable me to send a text message that will be received as an SMS?

    Long backstory but I'm basically about to drop my personal cellphone account wit free international calls/ text, and go workphone only. I have skype for proper calls but can't run up a bill with international SMS's on a work account.

    Person I need to message (elderly mother) cannot use a smartphone.

    I'm dreaming of something like Whatsapp-> SMS

    Any ideas?
    03-12-18 01:25 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Depending on your provider, you can use an email to SMS service. Instead of sending to her SMS/Phone number, they assign an email address to the device which will then get forwarded as an SMS. Most carriers offer it, usually [10 digit number @ carrierwebsite.com] but you'd have to find out and test it with her carrier. It has been around forever but never really utilized and in my experience, reliability is spotty but alas, that's why you test.
    03-12-18 03:09 PM
  3. pizzawheel's Avatar
    Thanks Bla1ze!

    I'm enquiring- the carrier is EE over in the UK. We'll see!

    UPDATE: EE doesn't have email-sms available. Seems they dropped it around 2013...
    Last edited by pizzawheel; 03-13-18 at 12:31 PM.
    03-13-18 07:56 AM
  4. Pistooli's Avatar
    How about RCS. Isn't it available at your provider?
    It works seamlessly and would be the most convenient for your case.
    03-17-18 12:29 AM
  5. pizzawheel's Avatar
    Rogers has RCS and I'm still using Android Messenger. But I can't see any mention in my app that I have RCS.

    What worries me is it will send via SMS if there's no data- there doesn't seem to be any way of switching this off- so I could be hit with an unexpected bill for international SMS 1-2 months down the line.

    Or worse- a year or so down the line the firm discovers I have hundreds of dollars of private SMS's on the account...
    Today 08:56 AM

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