1. oakvillerelopro's Avatar
    I have successfully installed and worked my way through a myriad of Android issues on my S7. The latest two in need of remedy are:

    In BlackBerry Launcher the shortcut to open a direct call will not work. I have tried a range of solutions without success. Always get a message about the app can't be opened. Solutions anyone?

    Also my S7 won't sync emails to my 2015 Lexus GS which it did without issue on my Z30. Still get my calls and sms and contacts. All my emails are Gmail or my own imap. Thoughts on my solution please.

    Thanks everyone for your time

    Posted via my Z30.
    07-28-16 05:44 PM
  2. Cobalt232's Avatar
    It looks like some permissions are missing. Did you really grant ALL permissions to all apps? And please post questions about the apps in the correct thread.
    07-29-16 03:29 AM
  3. oakvillerelopro's Avatar
    Yes all permissions granted Cobalt. Solved Lexus issue by also loading email account into S7 email file as hub doesn't send now. Perhaps an android difference from my Z30.

    Also not sure which forum section to post in as this seems correct Cobalt. Have a great day
    07-29-16 09:52 AM
  4. Cobalt232's Avatar
    07-30-16 01:34 AM

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