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    Why use this app?
    This app checks Kijiji for you and sends you an alert when a new search item has appeared that fits your criteria. This is a better approach than using Kijiji Daily Alerts. Kijiji daily alerts are sent out once a day, or sometimes not at all. By then someone else has already jumped on the deal.

    Who would use this app?
    For those not in Canada, this app is unlikely to be useful to you. Unless you convince the person listing the item for sale to ship it to you. Plus side is that you'd be able to take advantage of the current weak Canadian dollar.

    For example...
    Let's say you really wanted a BB Priv and you're stuck using a Galaxy. You have a budget of $500. You can setup an alert to give you a notification when one is posted in your location for $500 or less.

    Price? Free!

    Play store link:

    Amazon Marketplace (I have not tested this on BB10 yet, if anyone wants to be a guinea pig, feel free):

    Here are a few guides to help you get started:

    If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask and I will answer them and maybe add them to the FAQ.
    05-05-16 10:05 AM

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