1. Adamsinger77's Avatar
    Why hasn't anyone implemented there own engine into there browser on android? Or is there one that anyone else knows that does use there own engine?

    Looking at the top browsers out there they seem to all use what ever engine is loaded on the phone in our case with the dtek 50,60 PRIV and keyone they all have chrome stable version of webview
    You can see this in development options.

    Chrome (all versions) - webview
    Opera (all versions) webview
    Firefox (all versions) - webview
    Brave browser - webview
    Dolphin - webview
    Microsoft edge - webview

    They all render the same speed cause they all use the same engine with the exception of brave loads pages a he'll of a lot faster cause of its secure script redirect and ad blocking. Firefox and operas versions of there ad blocking private browsers are just broken.

    Anyone know of any browser that uses something else?
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    12-06-17 07:20 PM
  2. jamesharmeling's Avatar
    12-06-17 07:45 PM
  3. Adamsinger77's Avatar
    don't get me wrong webview works fine but with Mozilla and Microsoft claiming they're engines are so much faster and better then why don't they put there money where there mouth is and show us already.
    12-06-17 07:53 PM
  4. Ment's Avatar
    webview is not an engine, its more like a stripped down system browser to render webpages within apps. From Nougat onwards webview is basically the same as the Chrome browser.

    For mobile browsers engines its:

    Blink : Use for Chromium based browsers, Opera and Microsoft Edge on Android

    Gecko: Used for Firefox on Android

    Webkit: BB10 browser and Safari for IOS

    EdgeHtml: Win10 browser for WinMo
    12-06-17 08:28 PM
  5. Adamsinger77's Avatar
    I wish gecko was used but it's not
    12-06-17 08:35 PM
  6. Ment's Avatar
    I wish gecko was used but it's not

    Fennec is a XUL-based web browser designed for mobile-class devices, especially those with touchscreen support. Fennec shares much of its platform support with Firefox. The two browsers use the exact same HTML rendering engine
    Firefox on IOS uses Webkit as Apples does not allow other browser engines.
    12-06-17 08:42 PM
  7. Adamsinger77's Avatar
    OK seems like vanilla firefox is using gecko but firefox focus is not... strange
    12-06-17 08:56 PM
  8. Ment's Avatar
    OK seems like vanilla firefox is using gecko but firefox focus is not... strange
    yes because Focus is using the system browser (webview) which for Nougat onwards is basically Chrome. Doing so makes it very slim and Focus can just code the privacy parts for which it exists.
    12-06-17 09:03 PM
  9. Adamsinger77's Avatar
    how come I can select different render engines on lineageOS devices but not on Blackberrys implication of android?
    12-06-17 09:21 PM
  10. Ment's Avatar
    how come I can select different render engines on lineageOS devices but not on Blackberrys implication of android?
    because BB Android is more locked down. There is no custom rom for BB Android devices for example.
    12-06-17 09:28 PM
  11. Adamsinger77's Avatar
    just tested with my nexus6p running stock and I am able to select different render engines on that too. guess it's just blackberry that has it locked down.
    will have to check on my dteks and a my other phones.
    12-06-17 09:32 PM
  12. Ment's Avatar
    webview in the past has been a battleground for malware attacks thus Google has moved to Chrome which they keep updated and is more resistant. Stands to reason that BB agrees with that and is not interested in the end user changing webview to AOSP or the old Google webview. It's possible that webview other than Chrome also may have more bugs in BB Android suite of apps and Hub and BB is uninterested in supporting that.
    12-06-17 11:45 PM
  13. Ment's Avatar
    hope you had your coffee. As a data point, BB is not only one that doesn't allow to switching webview to another browser on stock device. In an unrooted, bootloader locked, stock OG Pixel on Oreo it's locked to Chrome.

    Someone else can help you further.
    12-07-17 03:47 PM
  14. Kindaichi_Shota's Avatar
    Chilling guys we are just helping each other
    12-07-17 10:59 PM

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