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    I did not have this issue on my DTEK50 but i do on my new device.
    I was and still am on Beta for all the BlackBerry Hub Services apps.

    When i installed all apps on my new phone i now have to subscribe for service after trial if i dont want ads. this is expected because its not a Blackberry device. Im ok with this.
    But i do have an issue that I am unsure if it related.

    I have a MS O365 account (work) associated with the hub. I go into settings and set everything up and it all saves. Included in the setup is enabling certain sub folders to sync.

    Everything works for a certain period of time but at some point i realize im no longer receiving emails from sub folders. I then go back into settings and all the sub folders manually selected have been unchecked (still have to track down the trigger that causes the change).

    I decided I would uninstalled all apps (except password keeper & BBM) and reinstall via "BlackBerry Manager". Now I have an issue where I cant open my password keeper at all as it says "update BlackBerry Hub+ Services. To use this app, you must first update BlackBerry Hub+ Services" and when i click update it redirects me to Play Store which has an uninstall or open. BlackBerry Manager also says up to date.

    Has anyone else experienced any of the issues mentioned?
    Im guessing to get around the password keeper issue i have to uninstall and reinstall password keeper form BB manager (but i dont want to do that till i backup my passwords which i cant get in to do that). I also have not tested to see if the BlackBerry Manager version will solve my original issue as I have not set it up yet because i cant get at my email passwords

    i know the Password Manager pretends it is a PRIV (which is Android 5 or 6). Wouldthis cause any issues using Password Manager versions on an 8.1 device?

    Hub Services:
    Password Keeper:
    Xiaomi Mi A1 AndroidOne 8.1
    09-20-18 07:49 AM
  2. dpw09's Avatar
    09-20-18 08:46 AM
  3. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    Whole package needs to be installed together...
    09-20-18 08:49 AM
  4. dpw09's Avatar
    Whole package needs to be installed together...
    ya i got around the password keeper issue by uninstalling cobalts version of hub+
    reinstalled form google play
    opened password keeper (no error) and did a backup
    uninstalled hub+ and password keeper
    reinstalled cobalt hub+ and his new cracked beta version of PK mentioned in his post (to work with autofill).
    Now password keeper is working. Just have to test hub to see if the original issue comes back
    09-20-18 10:49 AM

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