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    i was wondering what are you opinions on the Hub on android and whats features/stuff are you missing the most and what is bothering you?

    I have to admit that i dont have a priv but tested almost all blackberry apps on a oneplus x i have lying arround and i really like them. A q5 is still my main phone atm but its slowly dying and im not sure if i should replace it with another bb10 device.

    BB10 is the best communication focused mobile os, not questions asked, but with a good integration of the hub on android it would make it a lot easier for me to switch.

    And that brings me to the point, imo the hub is a good beta but still missing a lot of features and customisation as well as integration:
    • Most annoying part for me is the almost not existent integration of SMS/TEXTs on Android. I hope they will make the hub a full sms app in the future because atm its useless for me.
    • Being used to bb10 i really miss the gestures inside the hub. Accessing the sidebar on the left with a little swipe feels so natural, but on android they ditched this and implemented swipe gestures for the messages instead. im always accidentily removing messages while trying to access the sidebar when im using the phone with one hand. Why didnt they keep it the way it was, only thing they needed to fix imo was a easier way to select multiple conversations.
    • The HUB instant actions is another thing they got rid off.... i would prefer those way more than those slide gestures they have atm and i really hope they bring those back in the future with more features (mark unread).
    • In email conversations on bb10 you were able to select which email you wanted to display, on android there doesnt seem to be a option for this. it will always display the latest email and you are able to scroll down to see the older ones. I liked the bb10 hubs version better as its easier to select older messages if you know what you are looking for.

    I know i dont have the full priv experienc on this device but its close and i like it, do i like it enough to make the whole switch to android? I dont know yet. The priv is definatly not the device for me (to big and expensive) and blackberry have to improve their integration more in the future.
    I think its good that they kept it mostly stock android but they could have added more features to the launcher. imo its screaming for a hub integration as a page on the left. i have seen similiar things in other launchers so it is definatly possible.
    And im also missing the bb10 calculator and remember app. I know there are tons of replacements but i really like the simplistic but still powerfull features of those apps.

    Well i think android could be the future for blackberry devices, but its still a long way to go. I really hope they will push out more updates in the future and that the priv will be success so there will be more and smaller devices in the future.

    What are your opinions on the hub?
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