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    Just wanted to let you all know. Downloaded with the Cobalt Play store, no patching required. It took a bit to load the first time, but now it works really well. Notifications in the hub with current song playing. Sleep timer. Access to all the BBC content.

    I had been using Nobex premium to listen here in Canada, but longer any need! Great interface for the content, and the sharing even ties in really well with the BB share we love (well, I do)

    I had tried to get this a few months ago, and it had not worked here, but now it does, so go get it!

    BBC 6 is unequalled in radio for modern music lovers I think.


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    10-18-16 12:26 PM
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    Here are some screen shots. This app is beautifully created!

    BBC iPlayer from Google Play works fine on Z30-img_20161018_133117.png
    Main screen to choose your station. You spin the wheel like an old rotary phone.

    BBC iPlayer from Google Play works fine on Z30-img_20161018_132939.png
    Current station

    BBC iPlayer from Google Play works fine on Z30-img_20161018_132921.png
    When you hit the little up carrot on your currently playing bar.

    BBC iPlayer from Google Play works fine on Z30-img_20161018_132945.png
    Current and previous track listing

    BBC iPlayer from Google Play works fine on Z30-img_20161018_132953.png
    Side swipe and see upcoming show schedules.

    There is so much more to see and listen too. It is just really good!

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    10-18-16 12:35 PM

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