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    Hey All,

    I'm using the BlackBerry Hub+ on my Samsung Galaxy S7. Recently I've started getting repeated notifications multiple times a day from "BlackBerry Hub+ Access" saying,
    "BlackBerry Hub+ Services requests access to the Notification requesting access to the Notification tray so that it can better manage Social Network notification.

    BackBerry Hub+ Access Nofitication-qzpime4.jpg

    I'm perfectly happy to grant the requested access, but when I tap on either the notification or the "GO TO SETTINGS" at the bottom I'm taken to the notification access page where the only two apps listed are BlackBerry Hub+ Services and BlackBerry Launcher, and both of them appear to be turned on.

    BackBerry Hub+ Access Nofitication-celqlla.png

    It does appear that there is an access problem somewhere as my social network messages (such as Instagram) aren't in the Hub, and I'd definitely like them to be.

    Any help to fix the notification access setting so that I can get my social network messages in the Hub and stop getting those annoying access request notifications.

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    09-03-16 12:34 PM
  2. pavichokche's Avatar
    I would try uninstalling and re-installing hub/hub+ services, along with a series of reboots with the 'access allowed' toggle enabled/disabled. Because I'm using all the BB goodness on my S6 Edge and with that toggle set to on everything functions perfectly.
    09-03-16 04:19 PM
  3. c_bryant34's Avatar
    I'll look into it with the team. For now a device restart generally seems to clear the problem.
    09-04-16 10:21 PM

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