1. Molfus's Avatar
    Hey y'all,

    the company I'm working for has switched from BlackBerry to iPhone and best to say I can't stand the new device.

    I'm using Passport and KeyOne as my personal devices. I wonder if there is an app on BB10 or Android that would allow me to control the iPhone from ?

    Best Regards,
    04-13-18 03:09 PM
  2. Elephant_Canyon's Avatar
    What do you mean by “control the iPhone?”
    04-13-18 03:24 PM
  3. Molfus's Avatar
    The idea is to keep the iPhone in the pocket (or even better at home) while operating it from my Passport or KeyOne. Most likely for everything email (read/write/attachments) would be sufficient as I can access them only on the iPhone or from the office PC.
    04-14-18 02:52 AM

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