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    |||||IT IS AN DESKTOP CLIENT||||||

    Ever ran into one of these problems?
    * You want to check out an app, but your device is not officially supported.

    * You updated an app, but the new version causes nothing but trouble and you want to go back to the previous version.
    * You are not satisfied with Google's privacy policy and would rather download apps without hooking your phone up to Google.
    * You want to check out apps without them cluttering up your "My Apps" list and potentially influencing app suggestions.
    * You don't have unlimited bandwidth at your disposal but want to install an app on multiple devices in your household.

    Raccoon is a Google Play desktop client that will enable you to download APK files from Google Play and cache them locally on your desktop computer. You can maintain as many caches as you like (e.g. one per Google Account or one per device you own). Each cache is able to hold apps in multiple versions.

    Download link

    Usage instructions:
    Install Java (java.com)
    racoon.jar should now be executeable, start it like any other program
    Enter your loginname and password (prefererably from a throw away account).
    type "Onyxbits" into the textfield.
    You should now see a list of all my apps (yes, shameless plug, I know).
    Maybe download "List My Apps"
    you will get an APK file, transfer that to your phone by whatever means suit you (e.g. copy via USB cable).
    Enable "Unknown Sources" on your device to install the APK

    Download link.
    Raccoon - APK downloader | Onyxbits
    Thanks to @onyxbits
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