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    I've set up a Samsung s6 active on BES12 with KNOX and find that no matter what I set the policy to I'm limited to a 5 minute KNOX lock screen time. This is frustrating. First it makes you set up an android lock screen max 1 hour then it makes you set up a KNOX lock screen 5 minutes. None o the time settings for KNOX seem to work and BB Support seems to agree. Anyone seeing anything different with BES 12?


    06-20-16 02:22 PM
  2. Roveer's Avatar
    I figured it out. The Exchange Activesync device access profile takes over once you configure email. That was hijacking the BESAdmin set inactivity timeout settings. I disabled the activesync password requirements and now its following the BESAdmin settings
    06-22-16 12:11 AM

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