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    Hello everybody,

    I am looking for an alarm app, which acts like the nightmode in BB10.
    It has to fulfill the following things:
    - tap anywhere(!) to snooze -> I want to be able to snooze an alarm "blind" without looking on my phone
    - set custom alarmtones
    - the screen should go fully dark after a short (adjustable) period of time and should only light up again, when either the alarm starts or I tap the screen. And this should also work, when phone is charging (block sleepmode of phone) -> I don't want my phone to light during night at all.

    I downloaded several apps, but every app had one huge flaw.

    One thing they do not have to be included is the "do not disturb-mode". Because I use the app "Sound Profile" which allows me to create a widget on homescreen which sets the device in "do not disturb-mode" and starts an app (alarm app) at the same time.

    I hope I made my points clear and I highly appreciate any app suggestions!

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    05-28-17 03:59 AM
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    You made yourself very clear in my opinion. I was hopping BlackBerry would be adding their bedside mode and alarm functions as android apps to fill needs like yours, but seems they haven't yet.
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    05-28-17 07:13 AM
  3. Freeriderz's Avatar
    I have downloaded almost every single app in the playstore and the app "Nightclock" by a german developer
    seems to be very promising! The only flaw is, that you cannot tap anywhere to snooze, you have to hit a button directly. But I contacted the developer on this issue and he will work on that!

    And there is one trick in using this app. You can set a display-timeout manually but the display won't turn off, it just turns black. So there is still a background lighting. But if you uncheck the box in the setting "Do not dim", the app will use the android display timeout and the screen will turn off completely. And you can use the double-tap-to-wake gesture afterwards to open the app again.

    I guess you should just try that app by yourself and let me know, what you think about it!

    05-30-17 02:52 AM
  4. spARTacus's Avatar
    05-30-17 05:45 PM

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