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    Had a few questions regarding her amazon store

    1. Will it be native?? Or just the same ugly slow store? (10.3 /10.3.1)

    2. How to Cancel a download on amazon app store (10.2.1)??
    It pops up again and again asking to connect to wifi or use mobile network
    For now I have uninstalled it!

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    09-14-14 02:02 AM
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    1. No, unless there's a huge surprise.

    2. You can't. Really sucks. I've managed to by resetting my device once in past, but overall it's really persistent and hard to do. If you visit the Appstore website via PC, you can "purchase" any paid or free app and then download it if and when you like via Appstore app.
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    09-14-14 04:46 AM
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    09-14-14 06:56 AM

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