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    I am having an issue with Netflix. I installed it via 1mobilemarket. It works fine on my Home network and on Mobile Data but on a second wifi location it isn't working. When I connect via my PC at that same location Netflix works fine (also via wifi).

    I run the Netflix test built into the app and it comes back as being okay for the three tests.

    I am using on a Z10

    Any suggestions?

    I tried uninstalling/re-installing, etc already.
    03-07-15 02:57 PM
  2. ylsf's Avatar
    Just to update this in case anyone cares in the future.

    It was really weird because I could access Netflix on my main computer (not wifi) and on another machine (wifi).

    I can still access it on my main computer but when I went to ping netflix.com it doesn't respond with anything. Anyway, I just added an additional 5 ghz profile to my router and now when I connect to THAT connection on my Z10 Netflix works fine.
    03-09-15 05:53 PM

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