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    I have downloaded g maps patcher to my pc and lucky patcher to my passport. Heres the problem. I don't know how to use them or what a apk file is or where to find it. I find it easier to follow a video than instructions. I have been to cobalt232 page several times . I am sorry I just can't seem to figure it out. please help
    08-13-15 02:25 PM
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    An apk file is the extension name of an android app. Like .exe or .jpg. If you side load Snap or install Cobalts Play store and download an app it will save the apk automatically to your device/download folder. You can also find apk files online, just search for the app name or apk and you'll be able to download them from other webstores. Once the apk is on your device simply tapping it will install the app.

    With lucky patcher click Rebuild and Install from the bottom right corner and select the apk you want patch. Then click "rebuild" on the popup and then click "apk without license verification" it will then patch the apk, takes a while depending on how big the apk is. Once it's done goto "misc/android/luckypatcher/modified to find the apk you patched. Make sure the origanl apk isn't installed before installing the new mofided version.

    Doesn't always work the first time and some apps won't be able to be patched. Jsyk.

    08-13-15 03:11 PM

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