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    Hello all,
    I hope you are all well. I hope the title did not mislead anyone.

    First, a quick thank you towards Cobalt232 for some of his posts that helped me get to this point.

    Second, I am NOT someone who went ahead and "hacked" these files, but a series of problem solving steps helped me resolve the issues on my BlackBerry Q10 (102.1.2102)

    You need to install in this order:

    1 - Google Login Services, or GLS, "com.google.android.1GoogleLoginService.apk"
    2 - Google Play Services, or GPS, "com.google.android.2GooglePlayServices.apk"
    3 - Play Store, "com.google.android.3PlayStore_Vending-4-5-10-patched.apk"
    4 - Gmail, "com.google.android.4Gmail.apk"
    5 - Google Plus, "com.google.android.5GooglePlus.apk"
    6 - Google Drive, "com.google.android.apps.6GDrive-patched.apk"

    Download the files here in compressed format (.rar):
    < https://mega.co.nz/#!rlREwRiS!VSm73E...x2gk_x3W_6WvzQ >

    1 - Install them all.
    2 - Start GLS. Either sign up, or enter existing. If you need more than one account (I have tested this in limited fashion) it is possible... You need to click "existing" then you can try clicking on the three squares in the topright to open it in the browser and add accounts. When you do enter your email/passwords, it may inform you that you were incapable of signing into the network or something. Don't worry. Click next and you should see the same window again.
    3 - Start GPS. It should load. Keep it open for now.
    4 - Start Play Store. It should load, then close again without error.
    5 - Start Gmail. When you open it, it may ask you to sync, or change sync settings. Do not click either. Blackberry does not have these options. You can click on the top left icon (your address). You should be able to see multiple addresses/accounts if you did that. It will take a WHILE to sync, give it a chance.
    6 - When it is done. Try opening Google Plus. You likely will get an error. It won't work. Minimize it.
    7 - Open Google Drive. It should work.

    If it doesn't work, try restarting your phone and walking through steps 2 to 7 again.

    Here's a screenshot of Gmail and GDrive open on my phone. < imgur: the simple image sharer >

    I'm sorry, if it does not work for you. I don't know if I can offer any support.

    Note, I was able to delete Google Plus. I guess it wasn't necessary for the process.

    At the end of it all, you should be able to close everything. Google Drive and Gmail work alone, at least for myself. Upon reboot (I haven't tried it yet), you may have to go through the steps again. For that reason I created a "Google Services" folder and lined up the applications in the respective orders to avoid having to remember it.

    Good luck.
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    I appreciate you want a qwerty phone but, just get an Android phone. By the time you do all that to a BlackBerry, it is a Frankenstein monster I wouldn't get anywhere near.
    That's a fair view on the matter.

    I need GLS to input my accounts.
    I need GPS for some of the background stuff.
    I need PlayStore for some reason...

    That's 3 apps. Plus another two if you want GMail AND GDrive. Total of four or five, respective of the cases.

    I personally see no use for Gmail since I can have it in the Hub. But maybe someone else wants it?

    GDrive is cloud storage and many people WANT it. Sure it's coming, but until then people can use this work around.
    04-22-14 11:55 AM
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    I appreciate you want a qwerty phone but, just get an Android phone. By the time you do all that to a BlackBerry, it is a Frankenstein monster I wouldn't get anywhere near.
    I'd personally rather do all the above, but know that in the end, all of this is running securely in a secure environment. On an Android device, I don't have that assurance.

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    04-22-14 11:19 PM
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    Do you have to try 2 until you successfully log in or do you leave it or close it when it keeps on failing ?
    GPS does not open successfully. It says it is processing and then stops or closes the application.
    05-19-14 07:10 AM
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    Do this really work for you

    Posted via CB10
    05-22-14 10:41 AM

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