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    No side loading required just
    Get the Amazon app from the link above
    It down loads the Apk to your phone
    Then you install it.

    Setup a user and password

    Then you can start downloading apps from Amazon

    I am on official

    Amazon Appstore: You can use it now!-img_20140728_211940.png

    Amazon Appstore: You can use it now!-img_20140728_211952.png

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    07-28-14 09:25 PM
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    I'm happy for you that you've discovered this, but it's been the case ever since 10.2.1 builds were released. Actually, since the leak of late last year if leaked OS's are your thing.
    Read this...


    ... and then check this out:


    I'm closing this thread now, as there are lots of existing discussions on subject.
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    07-28-14 09:42 PM

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