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    Legacy device owners are crying the loudest after local carrier Airtel cancelled daily subscription and hiked the BIS charges so ridiculously that people are selling them en masse.

    ? experience the power of BlackBerry 10 ?
    09-16-14 01:36 PM
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    Times change....

    Carriers have cost associated with BIS & BES Plans... and the days that these items could be counted as a lost leader in order to sell devices and signup subscribers is over. Now it's just an unneeded expense that they are going to transfer fully to the few owners that want to pay for it. We have talked about the whole reason BB10 didn't have BIS was this was known to be an issue.

    Back ten years ago Carrier's need BlackBerry and the BIS plans in order to sell smartphone and provide users access to their email. And to work with them to keep data usage to a minimum in order to not overload their older networks. But as Carrier's upgrade their networks and equipment... BlackBerry Services are seen as a COST that the carrier no longer needs to subsidize.
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    09-16-14 02:17 PM
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    And a few know about BIS and its implications

    Straight from my BlackBerry Passport smartphone running OS10... Stay away from Junkroid on Steroids!!
    03-26-16 04:20 AM

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