1. timperbel's Avatar
    In Ghana airtel BIS i what keeps holding more blackberry users with the unlimited BIS data plans. switching to a 10 will disqualify you form these plans.
    even tho not plus it brings ton of people to the legacy OS experience

    Sent from my BlackBerry 9900 using Tapatalk
    03-24-14 05:35 AM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    Interesting info!
    03-24-14 08:15 AM
  3. walcolm's Avatar
    I'd give up unlimited data for BlackBerry 10 any day of the week

    It's only a BlackBerry 10 that can truly maximize the unlimited data so what's the point holding on to slow devices and OE for data I can't use?

    Posted via CB10
    08-18-14 08:26 PM
  4. mad_mdx's Avatar
    Seriously.. os7 doesn't need unlimited data, it can't do anything useful with it lol
    08-18-14 08:28 PM
  5. Matty's Avatar
    If you really want to stick with a unlimited BIS grab a cheap 9720 which is fast 3G and a 2.8" screen. It may not be close to BlackBerry but it's the fastest BBOS phone BlackBerry will probably ever make

    Posted via BlackBerry Q5 SQR100-2
    08-19-14 02:27 PM
  6. lucky Ayolo's Avatar
    Pls can u send me the Process for the Airtel unlimited BIS plan, I really need it
    01-24-17 03:46 AM

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