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    Hello everyone! Here is my review of the new Seidio Lock Holster for the Innocase 2/360 for the BlackBerry Bold 9700.

    You can grab yourself one of these Holster here: clicky click for only US$29.95!

    Here is a picture of it in its plastic wrap when I received it! Nicely protected to prevent any damage to it during shipping in the box.

    The Holster is a lot like the older ones, where it has a cradle at the bottom with the black felt along the back for smoothness that your blackberry can enjoy while asleep (LOL!). Of course there is a sleeper magnet in the case. The holster as well has the spring loaded belt clip on the back that swivels so you can adjust it to your personal angle. The holster as well has the spring loaded clip at the top to hold your device in place.

    The holster holds the device very tightly and doesnt let the device move very much when its in. This is good as if you are walking the last thing you want is for it to move around and wear out the Innocase and such.

    A new feature of this holster, which i love and will find VERY useful, is that it has a locking clip on the back. This will lock the clip on the top to prevent it from opening when you dont want it it. I think this well be useful for people that say accidentally rub against something and it lifts the clip, which results in the device falling out. Well no more with this holster. Simply pull up on the lock clip on the back and it will lock the spring clip in place to prevent it from lifting up and releasing your device. Now this is not an automatic feature, you have to engage it manually.

    To unlock simply push the lock piece down and you can release your device by lifting the spring clip. Overall I think its a great feature that will prevent alot of people dropping there devices for whatever reason.

    The lock clip is easy to use, simply lift up to lock, and push down to unlock. Its not stiff to move, and not to loose, its just right and takes very little effort.

    Here are some pictures:

    As well to thge above pictures here is a quick video walk around and review of the Holster in action:

    11-27-09 06:16 PM