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    Ok folks, I haven't posted much here so I thought I'd make a good first impression by giving a review on a setup that I just purchased. I noticed that a lot of people own the EpikCase on these forums, but nobody has reviewed the usage of it with a cradle.

    First off, I've had the EpikCase since I owned the 8900. Wonderful case and the price just makes it all the better. This case can be purchased on www.Degasis.net - Authorized Reseller of Epik Resin Phone Cases for Blackberry Iphone Etc. or from ebay seller dcmugen88. Dcmugen88 has cheaper prices, but ships from Hong Kong, so the shipping time is almost twice as long. So that all just depends on how patient you are.

    Pardon the fingerprints all over my phone, I forgot to clean it .

    Ok, so let's cut to the chase, shall we?

    I put this cradle on my bedpost. This way, all I have to do is look up when I'm sleeping and I'll know the time. I'm planning on putting velcro on the bottom of it to make it stick in place as well.

    I tried it with both the case on and off. The cool thing about this cradle is that it works when you have an Innocase on (even with extended battery!) or when it is naked. A charging cradle is a must have for many BB users, but most of us wouldn't want to remove the case each time we have to charge. This cradle helps out with this common problem.

    With the case off (naked), this thing was simple to use. Slipping it on was no problem. However, taking my BB off the cradle was weird. The adapter that it comes with to work while naked seems to stick with the phone as you pull it off. This is slightly annoying, but considering that the cradle is made for use with a case, I should be reviewing that aspect.

    With the EpikCase on, the charger becomes much more useful. I've always been worried that constant plugging and removing of the microusb would damage the port, so this saves a lot of worry for me. Plus, the cradle looks so damn cool. The cradle also eliminates the need to take the case on and off to charge in the cradle. Anyways, to charge the phone, I just drop it in, simple and easy. But taking the phone off becomes sort of weird. The cradle makes a clicking noise, like snapping springs whenever you pull it out. This is because the charging ports are sliding into the hole of the case when it is charging, and it has to be pulled out to be removed. This spring noise doesn't seem to do much harm to the cradle, as I pulled it in and out about 100 times so far, and it hasn't changed shape.

    I figured out a way to minimize the clicking noise when removing by leaning the phone forward when removing it. By doing so, it somehow relieves the noise significantly.

    The difference between this cradle and the OEM one, besides the fact that it works with a case on, is that it slides the phone a little deeper in, hiding part of the space bar on the keyboard. This gives a better peace of mind, as you will know the phone is very unlikely to just tip out of the cradle on accident. This is especially important for me considering I put it on my bedpost. That's a far drop! Another thing is, the light is on the back. That is the only indication that it is plugged in. But that shouldn't be too much of a problem.

    Overall, I'm very pleased with the cradle. It works just as it was intended, and I get to save my charging port from constant plugging. The screenshots posted should show in detail everything I reviewed. If I forgot to mention anything and you have any questions, please ask!
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    02-12-10 07:13 PM
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    very nice review-thank you
    02-12-10 11:36 PM
  3. zkyevolved's Avatar
    Cool review
    02-13-10 04:15 AM
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    can u tell me please what clock is that on your screen
    02-13-10 05:55 AM
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    Yes, Thank You! I've been wondering about the Seidio Cradle & Epik Resin Case Pairing.

    Now I know!
    02-13-10 07:06 AM
  6. huynh727's Avatar
    can u tell me please what clock is that on your screen
    That is the flip clock. You can set this up by going to the clock app and changing the clock style. I set it up to go to bedside mode when I'm charging as well

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    02-13-10 11:20 AM
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    very nice review! Do you know which way charges faster? Plugged in or on the cradle?
    02-15-10 11:31 PM
  8. c_86's Avatar
    both would charge the same amount of time....
    02-16-10 10:44 AM
  9. surfguy17's Avatar
    so besides the seidio cases we have a another case to choose from? are there any others besides this one that works with the case on?
    03-02-10 01:07 AM
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