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    One of the biggest complaints of the Bold is the short battery life. If you are using your Bold as it was designed; constant 3G connection, leaving WiFi and Bluetooth activated, you will find that your battery will not remotely come close to lasting 24 hours. Youll actually be lucky if you can get 12 hours. Now those of you who dont do the above things, or even use the device that much will have different results of course. However, the power user will find themselves with a severe lack of power.

    My fellow CrackBerry Addicts I think I have found a solution thanks to the people at Seidio. Introducing the Seidio Innocell 3500mAh Extended Life Battery now available at the CrackBerry Store. Here is a description about the battery:

    This Innocell extended battery provides more than double the capacity of the standard battery. Even with heavy phone and data usage, this battery will keep your Bold charged and ready to go.

    - 3500mAh - more than double the capacity of the original
    - High quality Japanese Li-Polymer cells
    - Includes a black extended door with our soft-touch "rubberized" texture to improve grip
    - Extends the depth of your device by only 5-6mm
    - Pair with our Spring-Clip Holster or Premium Leather Case

    I gave the battery a full charge and then began putting it through the test. I started using the battery around noon, and over 36 hours later I still had 50% power remaining. I had made about 3 hours worth of calls, and handled hundreds of emails and other messages. There is no way the OEM battery could handle that kind of usage. I am very impressed.

    This extended battery is larger, and does add some size to the Bold. This may be a turn off to some users, but dont give up on this immediately just because of your perceived notions of how this may or may not make your Bold look. Give it a chance first. I actually found that it added minimal size to the device. It only added about 3 millimeters, and the included new battery door has a rubberized coating that gives your Bold a great new feel.

    Overall, I think the battery is the outstanding. I went out of town this past weekend and was able to get well over 48 hours worth of use, with about 20% power remaining.

    Now. For those of you who still arent up for the added size. There is another option that you may find appealing. Seidio also offers a Multi-Function Charger.

    With the Multi-Function Charger, you can buy a standard size battery, such as the Seidio Innocell 1650mAh Extended Life Battery, and constantly have a second battery charged and ready to go.

    Two great options. Now all you have to do is decide on what works best for you.

    Here is another review with pictures done by CrackBerry member rcrlc180.
    12-09-08 01:54 PM