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    This Review deals with the HS-655+ bluetooth headset. The headset itself is manufactured by Plantronics for Blackberry. All in all it is a good headset for many blackberry devices. I have used it with the 8830 WE and now I use it with the 9530 Storm both from Verizon. The headset is easy to pair with devices and comes with a mini usb wall charger. It also will charge with any style of mni usb charger even plugged into a computer usb port. Connection wise it has good audio quality and has little to no crackling. On the recieving end I have been told when I have my ac on in the car the headset sounds staticy. The headset comes with three sizes of ear gels to maximize comfort and an over the ear hook that snaps on and off easily. You can also use it fairly well for voice dictation with programs like Vlingo. The voice dictation side of it is kind of sensitive so you have to pronounce certain words correctly to get them to register on the device. All in all it is a pretty good headset. It comes with a price tag of 89.99-139.99 USD depending on where you look for it. There are a few discount websites that you can find it for a little chesper but not too much. Any questions don't hesitate to ask!
    08-19-09 07:50 PM