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    Okay i work in the auto industry. I am a ASE P2 certified and AIA certified, Long story short i work around with car parts, and work around cars all day long.

    So i needed something to protect my investment, my lifeline, my supply line if you will. And with me owing a Expensive onyx I needed
    1: A case that would take the abuse of working the in auto industry.
    2: Something that would keep grease, oil, and what ever else i might nose dive into for the day out of the keyboard.
    3: A case that would protect the screen from any type of crud that might be on my face from falling off a car or box, you know road debris and rust.
    4: Something that wouldn't prohibit audio signals so i can talk to my customers and my customers can talk to me.

    And the Otterbox Defender has done just that. The 3 piece layer is simply stunning from an abusive stand point. I've dropped the phone a few times on purpose just to see what would happen, and how it bounce. something has to give. Simple laws of physics state that. And this phone falls and thuds, the silicon case does a wonderful job of absorbing the impact. Which keeps my phone in good shape.

    The membrane on the keys aren't very thick but they do an awesome job of keeping the keys clean. Before i put the case on i took an extremely small amount of Ammonia free Windex (Window cleaner) and used it to clean the screen, and keyboard, and after 72 hours straight of using the otterbox my keyboard is just as clean as it was when i got done cleaning it. And the screen protector is just as good as the membrane for the keyboard, no marks on the screen at all.

    The holster for this phone is amazing in itself. the stability, the rigidity, the " chuck norris factor" is top notch. I don't ever see this thing breaking and doing exactly what is should be doing. Keeping the phone at my hip for easy access.

    The case did come with a hefty price. You can buy it direct from Otterbox for 49.99 (USD) plus the shipping on the case. but i know Amazon has them for 31 (USD) and i'm sure ebay might have the cheaper but... it's ebay... you never know what you get...

    -protects the phone like the amour on a Abrams M-1 Tank
    -keeps your investment nicer longer
    -the silicon outer layer keeps the phone from sliding around on smooth surfaces
    -the quick snap holster is a huge step up from the 8900 design holster

    -added weight to the phone
    -cover on keyboard takes some getting use to
    -i little troublesome if a battery pull is required.

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    01-22-10 03:34 PM
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    I just got one today from cellguru.com for 27.95 and agree with your post. I had one for my 9000--this is a MUCH better design. I think the trackpad (which is not covered by plastic) is hard to use for scrolling up and down due to the adjacent ridge, but I will get used to it. The holster is a much better design since the phone snaps, rather than slides, in. The silicon outer covering shouldn't stretch like the old one did. The hard cover over the screen (as opposed to the old flexible plastic) is a big plus unless it gets seriously scratched.

    I lilke it. It is definitely a tough case.

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    01-23-10 12:41 AM
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    Why is otterbox cheaper at ebay (USD35odd) than otterbox website (USD49) themselves?
    Anyone has any clue or should I just get it from otterbox website just to be safe?

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    02-12-10 01:24 PM
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    How's charging with this case? now that you guys have had the case for a while (or anyone else who uses this case)

    Does the flap ever get tired and start to loose its rigidity after repeated opening for extended periods?
    02-23-10 06:41 PM
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    Does the holster put the phone on standby and lock the phone like the OEM holster?

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    02-27-10 03:37 PM
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    I too work in the Auto Industry. Flat/Rate GM Master Tech. I had the blackberry curve 8310. I was on my 3rd case Before I just upgraded to the BOLD 9700. I found the otterbox defender case doing a google search. Also review on youtube. I got mine on ebay just under 35.00 shipped and that also included 6.25 sales Tax in MA. Exactly what I was looking for. Totally protects phone! Function buttons work through case. Totally AWESOME!!! If you work in any industrial type job or trade and are allowed to have your phone? THIS IS A MUST!!! Worth the price! Shop around for best deal. I got mine in less than 24 hours. I was lucky! I hope this helps!
    02-28-10 09:56 AM
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    I'd like to add my thoughts, in a compare & contrast format, or plus/delta for you management types.

    For almost the last 2 years, I've had a BB 8310, protected by an OB Defender. Yesterday I upgraded to a 9700, and of course purchased a Defender for my new device.

    I'll first say that I believe the Defender series to be the absolute high benchmark for protective cases. I made a recommendation to another user a few days back, and I'll quote it here to give you an idea of my working environment:

    I'm a carpenter, and my BB rides around all day in by tool belt, literally in a pouch full of hand tools, random nails, screws, sawdust, drywall dust and so forth.
    I have dropped this thing literally hundreds of times, on concrete, in mud, down ladders, out the window of my truck, in ice and snow... well, you get the point.

    My device is almost 2 years old, and when taken out of the Defender, looks in every way better than those of most suit & tie types I know.

    I have never, ever had one issue with the keyboard or trackball. I've never even had to disassemble either for cleaning.

    The only major drawback to the defender is that the clear plastic sheet which is the first layer of the system makes the camera nigh on useless, as it's nowhere near clear enough, making pictures very dull and blurry.
    My thoughts on the Defender for 9700; there are a few important changes to note from the previous model I owned to this one.

    Firstly, the membrane layer now only covers the keyboard area of the BB. Gone is the fuller coverage design which covered the entire front and back of the device, except for the trackball. (The trackpad on the 9700 is likewise exposed. On the plus side, this new half-skirt fits a little better, and has 3 overlapping tabs to keep it in place, which I think will prevent the sheet from moving out of position better.)

    Instead, OB has employed a thin, rigid window over the screen, and over the camera lens/flash on the back. This window, which I think is polycarbonate, is integral with the rigid shell portion of the system. I think this approach will negate the issue with the camera mentioned in my above quote; I find it likely however that the windows will be more prone to scratching than the old, softer membrane material.

    Second, the hard plastic shell which comprises the second layer of the system is noticeably thinner and lighter in weight than the old one. It seems less rigid as well. Time will tell if it proves to be as rugged.

    In addition, the older model had a sort of fabric-like material covering the phone speaker and 'loudspeaker' holes in the rigid case. The 9700 model Defender has instead a very fine mesh covering over the phone speaker, and no cover at all over the rear loudspeaker port, which is an opening in the window on the back, between the camera and flash (where that speaker is located, of course.)

    Further, the silicone outer glove is retained over the hardshell by a better thought-out method, which makes it a little harder to install, but will likely keep it tight all the way around.

    Lastly, the belt clip included retains the device in a slightly different way; on the 8310, a very tight friction fit, and a slight detent 'bump' was employed to keep the BB securely mounted (screen facing in, as it should.) A very firm "press and slide" method was needed to draw the device out.

    The new belt clip has two detent clips or ears, one on either side, into which corresponding tabs on the Defender case fit. The saddle on the holster into which the bottom of the phone/case fits is much more shallow than previously. The method of removing the device is now "out & up", which seems like it could be more prone to accidental release; again, time and use will tell the tale.

    All-in-all, this new Defender seems still to be the best rugged case available. It follows the same theme as before, with 3 layers of protection, but in a more streamlined, lower profile and somewhat lighter package.

    As I've said elsewhere, there seems to be nothing short of a Pelican case (a close cousin of which Otterbox also manufactures) is going to give you the protection of the Otterbox Defender.

    For this user, a Defender case is an absolute must-have for a mobile device.
    04-02-10 05:15 PM