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    I have used the Ishieldz brand of screen protectors for most of my devices over the years frankly because of the lifetime guarantee!
    tbooth and wireless wave will just usually re-apply for you if you are logged on their computer system.

    The other week I decided to order direct for my Z30 and one of the edges lifted after a few weeks usage. To get warranty you have to make sure you register your product.

    Here's where the GONG show begins! So after you register you go to the area on their site to start a replacement request, then you email them a copy of your receipt. I'm attempted to do this about 10 times and so I finally called with zero email notification that it has been approved. The customer service rep basically passed the buck and referred me to email support. They emailed me back with a link going back to the website where you have to do it. After the 18th call I finally demanded them to check their emails for my receipt email and to process the claim,only then I finally got it approved.

    The ghetto thing about this experience were the sales reps I spoke to. They must be using cheap microphones or headsets as more than once they couldn't hear me properly. They don't help,pass the buck and the support warranty claims procedure is difficult to access correctly due to whatever reason. It's almost like they make it difficult for customers to apply for warranty claims. I will never use or recommend any of their products.

    Posted via Passport OS
    10-09-14 06:28 AM
  2. Warlack's Avatar
    This seems to become standard nowadays.... less claims, less money lost...... Never used them though...

    How much is such a protector actually to be worth so much hassle?
    10-09-14 07:16 AM

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