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    Finally, a portable speaker for my BlackBerry that’s truly portable, yet as powerful as a boom box that fits in the palm of my hand! I’m talking about the X-mini, which is probably the world’s smallest yet loudest speaker around.

    What I have in my possession, though, is a second generation X-mini, which is the new and improved version. The X-mini II comes with the actual speaker, a USB cable / mini-USB / headphone cable and a nice black bag. For connecting the X-mini to any headphone jack for audio playback, just plug the mini-USB end of the cable into the X-mini and the headphone plug into your BlackBerry. Additionally you can plug the normal USB plug into any USB port (like on my Macbook) and the X-mini will be juiced up.

    It has even more ‘umph’ in terms of look (it’s sleek and black), battery life (expect up to 12 hours of playback), sound (it has a 40mm driver) and bass (thanks to its mind-blowing Bass Expansion System). In fact, its built-in ‘woofer’ is so ‘boomtastic’, you’d have to be careful it doesn’t fall over the edge of the table while it moves to the beat of the music. And the best thing about this nifty gadget is its sheer size and weight – it’s as compact and light as a squash ball when collapsed, and not much bigger when expanded to reveal the accordion-like body, from which you can hear the bass system at work. This is the difference between the collapsed and expanded X-mini II:

    What I’m really looking forward to is buying more of these babies, and hooking them up together with their built-in 3.5mm audio cable to form a ‘chain’ of X-minis for even bigger sound. Man, my mates are going to be so jealous the next time we’re at a beach party!

    BlackBerry Device Compatibility

    Basically all BlackBerry devices with a 3.5 mm headphone jack are supported which includes: BlackBerry Pearl 8110, 8120, 8130, 8210, 8220; BlackBerry Curve 8300, 8310, 8320, 8330, 8350i, 8900; BlackBerry Bold 9000; BlackBerry Storm 9500, 9530; BlackBerry Tour 9630.

    I took the following videos to show you how the X-mini II works. In the first video, I played some music and the SpeedRacer trailer which was in my Bold by default. Unfortunately, my cheap digital camera could not capture the awesome audio bass that comes out of the speaker - but I think you get the idea

    Video 1:

    The second video shows just how much bass is in the X-mini II. It bounced so much that I had to keep adjusting the camera to prevent it from moving off screen.

    Video 2:

    Good things really do come in small packages! Get it for just $34.50 (plus shipping): X-mini II - BlackBerry Compatible Speaker

    Note: Review taken from BlackBerryInsight. Used with permission. The original review can be found here.
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    Sounds cool. I'll definitely look in to it. I've been searching for a decent portable speaker for my phone among other electronics for a while now.
    09-22-09 06:13 PM
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